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Cheat Jet li Rise To Honor Ps2

14 Juni 2011

Cheat: Invincibility:

From the pause menu press:

L2, L3, R3, L2, L2, L1,
L3, L2

All Levels:
At main menu

hold down L1 and R1 then press

Extra Adrenaline:

Hold the Left Analog-stick in any direction after
you finish a combo. Jet Li will perform a pose and
your adrenaline will increase.

Play as a Roasted Duck:

Successfully complete the game, then return to
the main menu.

Hold L1 + R1 and press Circle,
Square, Down, Left at the main menu. You can
now play as a roasted duck. Or enable the
“Chapter select” code. Choose Chapter 63 at the
chapter selection screen. Complete that chapter to
beat the game, then use the code.


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  1. cheat jet li rise to honor

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